Tips for Packing Your Self Storage

The following are some tips you may find useful for using your storage unit most effectively.

Please note, this information has been obtained from various sources so should be used as a guide only. It does not necessarily represent the views of Acacia Self Storage and has been provided to help you determine the best way you may wish to store your goods.

  • For security reasons, do not give information about what you put inside your unit to anyone (you don’t trust).
  • Always put your most valuable items in the back, where they cannot be directly seen or easily accessed.
  • Place those items that you need to access often in the front of the unit.
  • Leave a small space around the perimeter of your storage unit to aid circulation.
  • Utilise all the space available – including the height of the unit which can be over 3metres! Shelving can help you organise things better and make use of the available space you have.
  • Vacuum food crumbs from lounges to prevent attracting vermin. Place a cover over all furniture, especially sofa’s, recliners and anything of value to protect against dust. Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper separating them.
  • Make sure all white goods (fridges, freezers etc.) are empty, clean and dry. Leave doors slightly ajar to prevent mould build up. A deodoriser placed inside fridges or freezers is also a good idea to maintain freshness.
  • For electronic items, the original boxes are ideal to repack in. Ensure all equipment is clean and dry before storing. Ensure that items above or on top of electronic equipment will not fall down or damage the surfaces.
  • To minimise rust in metal items such as tools, wipe the item with a few drops of oil before storing them away. Pack these items away from goods that may be stained such as furniture.
  • Don’t place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.
  • Never lay paintings or mirrors flat. Ensure they are wrapped or placed in proper picture/mirror cartons.
  • Don’t over-pack cartons or they will be too hard to lift. Make sure you label boxes with what’s inside with the labels facing out so you can see them. This will help if you need to take things out of storage once in a while.
  • Keep heavy boxes on the bottom and stack the lighter/fragile boxes on top.
  • Wrap all breakable items separately in tissue or paper and ensure their box is marked “Fragile”. Pack breakables in sturdy boxes and place packing in the top and bottom of boxes for added protection.
  • Do not store any living things (including plants), or perishable goods (especially foodstuffs).
  • Empty petrol from mowers, whipper snipers, etc. and ensure gas bottles are empty and BBQ or cooking surfaces are clean.